How to Buy Wedding Shoes?

04 Jan

The flowers, jewelry, hosiery, dress and everything must be thought and planned about when it comes to wedding. Literally, there are countless of decisions that have to be made. Even the smallest detail can be of paramount importance in a wedding. Something blue, something old, something new and something borrowed, it just requires great attention to detail. Which choice the bride makes when it comes to wedding shoes will be an important factor.

Here are several things that you need to take into consideration while deciding which wedding shoes to buy. Also, you'll want to consider buying these items at RACHEL SIMPSON.

Wedding Location

This is actually the most important factor to take into mind. If you're having conventional wedding, then you can certainly opt for shoes with heels and a traditional pair. But in the event that it's a beach wedding, you probably want to avoid wearing stilettos and heels. Likewise, there are more choices that suits on venues and themes.


Normally, the color of your wedding shoes is white or any shade of white. But this isn't mandatory. Based on your wedding theme and dress as well, you can go for different color of shoes.


The heels of wedding shoes will depend on the theme of your wedding. Probably, you wouldn't want to wear heels in beach wedding. If you like to stand tall among guests, then that is when you can buy high heels. You better consider your partner's height while figuring out the appropriate height for the heels. Another thing to consider is that, you shouldn't change the length of your dress until you have a decision on what is the height of wedding shoes.

Time of the year is yet another important factor to decide what kind of shoe to buy. You wouldn't want to wear open toe shoes during winter. Decide what shoe type to buy depending on the season you will have your wedding.

Accessorize Your Shoes

You may add embellishments similar to beads as well as jewels on conventional shoe designs. It'll make it look trendier and stylish as well. For awesome shoes and applicable accessories, RACHEL SIMPSON is one of the best sources online today.


Well, this goes without the saying that, no matter what you choose, be sure that you feel comfortable wearing them. You must comfortable walking, dancing and standing in such shoes.

Lastly, don't forget about the cost. While making your purchase, keep in mind that you'll be wearing them once. Depending on your sentiments, it can be a big deal on your purchase. Watch this video on how an individual selects her wedding shoes:

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